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About What Makes Me...Me

Follow Levi as he realizes that what makes him different is also what makes him special and unique. A book for neurodiverse kids and their friends, What Makes Me...Me is a story about accepting your differences, loving yourself, and harnessing the power of your ''superpowered brain".

One For One Program...

For every copy of the book that is purchased one copy will be donated to a local school, dr's office, community setting or more. Anne and Levi know that Neurodiversity is under represented in books and they strive to help end that by getting this book into their communities. 

YOU can nominate someone here

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This book puts into words what it's like to be a kid with a neurodiversity. It was a great book to read with my own kids and talk about how we treat others and why some kids may act the way that they do. Cute illustrations with rhyming text made for an easy read!

Erin H.

I read this book to my 4 year old and 2 year old nephew and niece! They were enraptured by the words and illustrations of this wonderful book. Thank you for sharing about yourself and showing others about our differences being our brain superpower! I definitely plan on reading “What Makes Me…Me” to my third grade class this fall

Katie C.

Great book, well written and illustrated! My son may not have Tourette’s but he does have a disability and he has really enjoyed this book. He exclaimed “my brain works differently too!” Will definitely be buying this book as gifts for other kids who the story may resonate with!

Jill S.

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Levi Baldwin lives in Clarkston Michigan with his mom, dad, and little brother. He has 3 cats, a leopard gecko, and a Goldendoodle he is training to become his service dog! 

Levi was diagnosed with Tourette Syndrome, ADHD, OCD, and Anxiety when he was 5 years old. He wants people to know that every kid is special and unique even if they may look or act differently.

Levi loves mint chocolate chip ice cream, playing the drums, and Batman.

About the Authors....


Anne Baldwin lives in Clarkston Michigan with her husband Nick and their two sons Levi and Gus. Anne is a fierce advocate for neurodiverse kids and is passionate about stopping the stigma around Tourette Syndrome. 

You can contact Anne at

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